How to cure acne

natural acne controlAcne control At first everyone must pass in his teens to know that the appearance of acne at this stage of life is natural. So you have to deal with these pills quietly and patiently for the treatment and avoid their effects.
Before starting the remembrance of methods of treatment, we must understand the following facts:
- The maintenance on the sterilization of the skin exposed to air pollutants is the first step to treatment.- Refrain from touching and playing that grain output of what the white substance, because this leads to increase the number of grains, leaving a trace after the disappearance of the grain itself.- In adulthood begin hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands in the skin she can discharge fat that cause clogged pores of the skin and with the presence of dead skin cells formed protrusions external to the skin with black heads sometimes and sometimes opens the pores; which allows bacteria to enter This leads to pollution appears that grain
Treatment of acne:
- Mixing milk with water when washing the face, it helps to sterilize the skin and prevent the emergence of new grains.- The use of plant eucalyptus and paper, as it is one of the sterile material for the skin:By putting boiling water on paper and camphor coverage for a period of 3-4 hours and then filtered with a piece of gauze and then mixed with a little natural apple cider vinegar and place it in the refrigerator and wash the skin by the day.
- The use of yeast helps to prevent the emergence of grains because they contain vitamin "B" is very important for the skin so try eating 3 tablespoons of yeast (yeast bread kneaded yeast or medical) with a glass of milk a day
- The use of cocktails to nourish and lighten the skin:
A - Cocktail Beauty:Consists of carrots, parsley, lemon juice plus.Note: The pressed juice mixture through the islands.
B - Collection of vegetables:Consists of spinach and parsley, then add the orange juice
C - Collection islands:Consists of carrot juice, orange juice, ginger and add to it sometimes.
D - Collection option:Consisting of cucumber juice and add the lemon juiceThis cocktail is useful fatty skinned women in particular.
- Avoid stress and anxiety because it will increase the grain.
- Avoid cosmetics in this particular period.
- Avoid washing with soap and replace it with ordinary soap or soap medical children.
- If you are still traces of the pills you can use creams peeled after consulting your doctor.
- Eat some herbs and watercress Klhalbh and also a lot of onions and garlic.
- Avoid using oils and creams for hair because it has an indirect effect on acne
- Eat a balanced diet contains all the essential elements needed by the body, namely: protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals, taking into account the different reduction of fat and carbohydrates and sugars, chocolate, nuts and pulp of Sudan and the cream,
Sources of the essential elements:
Protein of two types:- Animal protein: It is located in the meat of all kinds.- Vegetable protein, such as found in beans, and soybeans.
Carbohydrates: They are available in the rice, pasta, bread, and others.
Fat: no accompanying meat or found in margarine and oils.
Vitamins found in abundance in fruits and vegetables of all kinds.
Minerals:- Iron: Black Available in honey, and dates, and liver, eggplant, and spinach.- Calcium: Available in milk, of course, and all dairy products such as cheese and yogurt.- Magnesium and phosphorus: are available in seafood such as fish and shrimp.
These are all the body needs on a daily basis, and we have taken a neutral and balanced.
- The use of masks that can be prepared at home:
A - Mask Paper cabbage: are boiled hard, and then taken into water boiling, and is used Kgusal of the face on the regions of grain and pimples;, using a piece of cotton wet with this laundry, and pass it on the face, and can be saved in the refrigerator to be used more than once, and this washing leads to the elimination of pimples.B - Mask Garlic, after being cut into small pieces, and place it on the pimples or the pills, although a bit painful, but it gives a very good result, and is used twice daily, morning and evening.
C - Chamomile mask: the grip of a small plant chamomile are added to two cups of hot water to boiling for 20 minutes, then drain, and stained fluid blisters twice a day.
D - Mask islands: Log Ptbshir without peeling carrots with the addition of a lemon for half an hour, and place it on the skin, which gives the skin color and clarity of Nira, also removes all wrinkles, pimples, and eliminates impurities that ascend the oily skin.
E - pomegranate mask: a cup of pomegranate juice + a teaspoon of vinegar, and smearing this mixture warts several times a day.

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