Treatment of back pain and bone

Treatment of back pain: - a recipe Baharml and Alkndr: - the amount taken from the fruits of Rue by 8 grams of powder
And mixed with 8 grams of powder and then mixing all Alkndr Bmlqah teaspoon of honey and made into a small disk
Take the tablet morning and another in the evening, continue treatment for 15 days and after three days of rest re-use 0
Mixed in a recipe: - 50 g crushed coriander seed and 50 linen and 50 grams cumin and mix a teaspoon taken in
Morning and another in the evening and continue treatment until full recovery, God willing,
Bhurc corn recipe: - First: - boil 250 grams of corn in Susa three liters of water on the fire until
You get to Atren taken one cup in the morning, adding to it a small spoon of sweet even meet the carbonate
Consumption of boiled 0
Second: - taken in the middle of the day, adding lemon juice to it a little bit of Alcarbonat the second treatment and continue for 4
Days of treatment is associated with the first 0
Prescription pill pond: - heat over low heat 50 grams of cumin, crushed and added to it 150 grams of
Honey mixed with this amount is divided into two parts and taken part in the morning and another in the evening for 8 days
Put option ass and grinding it as a cup a cup of water is added to it a tablespoon of vinegar and cook it on the
Low heat for 5 minutes until the level and then placed on the place of pain treatment is governed by dressing in the evening
0 for the morning
Treatment because of the back sliding disk: - prescription sports movements: - fit this recipe with slide
Disc without deviation paragraph, taken from the pharmacy or doctor of medicine at a local anesthetic and then the
Patient movements, as follows: - curvature of the spine to the lower back and then recycled to the right and left
And walk over the heads of the fingers and hands intertwined behind the head 0
And continues to carry out these movements, 8 minutes for a period of two weeks
For the treatment of sprains and dismantling of the tumor: - taken a quantity of parsley, grated and placed to spray them with the dressing in the evening
For the morning and for a week 0
Tumors in the knees: - taken from the teaspoon of olive oil as much on an empty stomach followed by drinking a glass of lemonade
For rheumatic legs: - take one teaspoon of sweet almond oil per day after eating dinner with fruit after 0
Treatment of rheumatism - Alrthyh - cold: - All prescriptions will be remembered that should be used against rheumatism
Regularly and at set intervals between takes from 10 to 30 days
Recipe with apples: - eaten apple a day by kilo and for a whole month 0, and not undermines the consumption of that amount can be
Compensated, as follows: - boil 30 grams of apple peel in the glass of water for 15 minutes and drink it on the day four
To six cups for one full month 0
Taken peel apples and dry grinding then taken from the flour a tablespoon in a cup and Tsthalb of boiling water
So for 10 minutes and filter and drink the cup of the 5 a day for a month
Note: - All recipes with apples not suitable for therapeutic diabetes patients 0
Recipe bran bath: - take a kilo of bran and immersed in 5 liters of cold water and stir well and then put everyone on the
Low heat and boil for 15 minutes and add it to boiling water in the bath tub with hot bath and sit where the patient
For 15 minutes, dry your body need to be patient comfort for at least half an hour and continue this treatment
For 20 days and use day to day (in the sense that the day of using the bathroom and Day commemorates not use it) 0
Recipe oil chamomile flowers - flowers, chamomile oil, stroking three times in the morning and another in the evening
And the third at bedtime for one month.
Recipe with garlic - roasted in the early morning, 5 cloves garlic, cut into small pieces and mix with half cup of oil
Olive and drink on an empty stomach once a day for 10 days with a commitment to comfort in the house because he is very streaky
With this recipe you should drink either pear juice by 20 grams a day Baadalacl for 3 weeks or eating
Cherry juice as much as 100 grams a day for one week after eating 0
Sowing parsley recipe - taken 30 grams of seed and parsley filling half a liter of cold water and then boil for 5
Minutes on low heat and leave 10 minutes and then filter and drink the cup before lunch and another before dinner and for a month
0 full
Recipe Bmsthalb celery seed: - taken from the teaspoon celery seed then filled a cup of boiling water left
Tsthalb for 10 minutes then filter and drink the cup between meals 3 times a day with the ability to sweeten with honey
Continue treatment at Least 0 months
Mixed in a recipe: - mixes 12 grams of camphor and 100 grams of Sbrto White and 3 grams would be sold in
Pharmacy and 75 grams of yellow petroleum jelly from a pharmacy and 50 grams of thyme oil and mix all well
Even become Kalmarham applied to the body and the subject of pain twice a day for 10 days 0
Balmelvov recipe: - cabbage juice drink by one cup a day, weekly
Honey taken with him and others like it mixed with oil, black bean and drink the cup on an empty stomach with fat places of pain
Taken as much as a cup of chamomile flowers and just grind then kneaded in half a liter of olive oil and then leave for a week in
Glass flask and then filter the oil and applied to the places before going to bed with rheumatism heating 0
Honey, when the yeast Njn Attar taken him teaspoon after food 0
Taken as much as a cup of crushed coriander and ideals of Henna and ground barley and Aajnoa in hot water added with three
Tablespoons vinegar and uniqueness of the center then Kalpkhh rheumatism place in the evening for the morning
Taken the option of peeled cucumber, pulp circuit and Aajna in vinegar, olive oil and on the backburner, and while it put a little bit of
Salt and three grains of crushed garlic, peeled and so on until all is cooked and cooled a bit after that is placed on the place of
Rheumatism it peel cucumber, wrapped in the evening for the morning 0
Taken a cup of barley and Sfaraglh cut in half a liter of water is well cooked and drink every day and painted Kalshorabh Baltvl place
The pain.
If cooking peach Baqee paper well and put a poultice on the place of pain, it is inhabited by a rapid, God Almighty 0
Bitter melon bitter pill is taken = 00 and cooked in olive oil until the Browns and then painted it before going to sleep
Rue cooked with cloves and salt in equal parts olive oil and painted it before going to sleep
Grinding 100 grams of seed in the leg and knead kilo green olive oil and drink it
Bah teaspoon each dish taking into account the Altdleilk him before going to sleep, a fitter 0
Taken 50 grams of black bean and pyrethrum and 25 grams or 25 grams Hanadzlah Handal dry and superior soft-
Soft (Handal green fruit) and grind and mix with oil, cypress and placed in the sun for 15 days and then painted it
And fit for all the aches and called the oil because it is conducted in force until it reaches the bone.
And God Almighty knows best, a healthy healing.


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